June 30, 2016 DHLF Update

On June 17, DHCS reported that ALL PRIME applications had been approved!  Therefore, attention turns to the IGTs/federal match for 25 percent of DY 11 (January – June 2016) funding which is contingent upon an approved application.  Requests for these IGTs were sent to all PRIME entities on June 30 and hospitals have seven days to submit the IGT.  If you did not receive your IGT request, please contact DHLF staff as soon as possible.   
CMS will then match the IGT and the total funds will be returned to the hospitals before the end of July. 
With the end of June here, hospitals are encouraged to ensure either baseline data or infrastructure measures for the period January through June 2016 are well underway.  The report due in September will include either your progress on infrastructure measures and/or baseline data for projects. 
If you have any questions about this program or the IGT associated with it, please contact the DHLF. 
Hospital Quality Assurance Fee, 2014-15 
By June 29, letters of interest were due to DHCS from all district/municipal hospitals interested in participating in the 2014-15 hospital quality assurance fee (HQAF).  Districts and municipal hospitals participate in this component of the HQAF via IGT.  IGTs will be collected in September and the initial distribution (scheduled for the end of October from the Medi-Cal managed care plans) will include the 2014-15 Medi-Cal non-expansion population and approximately half of the expansion population.  District and municipal hospitals have reviewed the calculations associated with both the IGT and the resulting distributions, but if you have any questions or would like to further review the methodology or numbers, please contact the DHLF.