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The newly elected California legislature was sworn into office yesterday, Monday, December 7th.  The 80 members of the Assembly took their oath at the Golden One Arena in Sacramento, to allow for social distancing measures while the Senators were sworn in on the Senate floor at the Capitol.

Both Senator Toni Atkins and Assemblymember Anthony Rendon were re-elected to lead each house.  In separate interviews, they outlined their priorities.

Speaker Anthony Rendon

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Advancing environmental justice in “all communities”
  • Increasing economic equality
  • Expanding internet access to more Californians

Pro-Tem Senator Toni Atkins

  • COVID-related economic relief/recovery
  • Housing, production, eviction, prevention, affordability
  • Expanding broadband
  • Wildfire and emergency preparedness

On the first day of office, members are allowed to introduce bills and approximately 164 bills were introduced in addition to other measures (ACA, ACR, SCA & HR’s – HR 4 declares January 2021 Positive Parenting Awareness Month).

Common subject matters of bills include:

  • COVID relief
  • Peace Officers
  • Broadband
  • Medi-Cal
  • Employment Development Department
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Housing

Some bills on Medi-Cal expansion and pandemic best practices at facilities (SNFs) and we expect to see a bill introduced regarding single-payers.

In addition, there are always a few outlier bills, see the link below for more information.

California Legislative Information

The 2021 legislative session is scheduled to begin in early January 2021.

What is State Advocacy?

As hospital CEO’s and leaders in the community, your voice carries weight in the Capitol. Not only are California hospitals providers of health care, in many cases they are the largest employers and partners in the community. Use your voice to let legislators know how a particular piece of legislation will impact your hospital, community and the patients you serve.

Why State Advocacy Matters?

Everyday California legislators are faced with policy decisions – decisions that will impact every aspect of life and business in this state. Responding to alerts for phone calls to legislators and writing support and opposition letters is an effective way of registering your position. Not only will your letters be listed on analyses, they will be delivered to legislators and used to lobby DHLF’s position on legislation.

Other ways to engage in advocacy:

  • Invite your legislator and or their staff to tour your facility. Explain the type of services you provide, how many patients your hospital treats each year and important issues affecting your hospital.
  • Check to see if your legislator has a “community healthcare roundtable” or other type of community group where he/she meets regularly to discuss issues of concern for the legislative district. Participating in a community group will give you and or your staff the opportunity to hear issues that are concerning to the legislator and will allow you to open lines of communication with your legislator.
  • Social media – follow your legislator on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.
  • Share what’s happening at your facility with your legislator and their staff, this will help keep them informed of important issues at your hospital.


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