February 10, 2015 Update

Mental Health Services Act:  Please see the attached memo from the DHLF federal advocate, Charity Bracy, regarding funding availability via the Mental Health Services Act.  This funding could be available to your hospital through your county Mental Health Departments via a competitive grant program to help finance the specific work your hospital is doing in the area of mental health.  The application period closes on March 30, 2015If you are interested in the funding, you should contact your County immediately in order to work through them to apply for this funding. The memo outlines the program, requirements, etc.

Potential DSRIP Project on Malnutrition:  The DHLF state legislative advocate, Kathryn Scott, spoke briefly at our November Board meeting about a potential DSRIP project on malnutrition.  Abbott has provided the attached draft outline of a potential DSRIP project if any of you might be interested (DHCS has expressed enthusiasm for such a project in the prevention domain.)  Let me know if you’d like additional information and we can connect you with Abbott.

A majority (three-fourths) of the 2012-13 Medi-Cal managed care rate range IGT in 2-plan counties is currently delayed until the end of March.  DHCS is aware of this and is working on the issue and Forum staff is elevating this issue within the Department (and beyond if necessary) as we have heard about the serious cash flow issues this is creating for at least some of you.  First – the health plans have received one-quarter of the funding so those funds should be made available to you now or soon (depending on your agreement with the plan).
The cash flow created by the rate range IGT delay may impact your ability to fund the IGT for AB 113 (due tomorrow, February 11).  However, DHCS is willing to be flexible on the AB 113 IGT.  As long as they are aware you want to participate and will be funding the AB 113 IGT on a particular date, they will delay the IGT request without impacting other participating hospitals and without you relinquishing your participation.  Just be sure to contact the AB 113 email box (ab113@dhcs.ca.gov) or Arthur Rangel (Arthur.rangel@dhcs.ca.gov) at DHCS so that the funds are not re-distributed.
If you have any questions on the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me.