DHLF PRIME Legislative Briefing – 9/12/2018

On September 12, the DHLF provided a successful briefing to state legislative staff on district/municipal hospitals’ experience to date with PRIME.
We are very grateful to the hospital representatives that took the time (and, in some cases, significant travel challenges) to come to Sacramento so the legislative staff could hear directly about the good work being done as part of this important program.  Many thanks to Marilouise Salsiccia and Amy Bannister from Hazel Hawkins; Lindsey Arevalos from Lompoc; Sabrina Valade from Washington Hospital and Melanie Van Winkle from Mammoth Hospital for traveling to Sacramento to outline the benefits of PRIME at their specific hospitals as well as providing some patient experiences and successes as a result of the program.
The briefing was well attended (a list of staff and which legislator’s office with which they are affiliated follows) and attendees were very engaged during the 90-minute presentation, asked several thoughtful questions in the general session and took the opportunity to talk individually with hospital representatives from their districts.  As a result of the compelling hospital speakers, it was clear that those in attendance also became enthusiastic about the good work that is a result of the PRIME program at district/municipal hospitals.
I’ve attached the materials we provided to legislative staff.  We will produce some follow-up documents based on actual statistical and anecdotal results from the DY13 reports (once those are available) for subsequent advocacy efforts.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the briefing.
Agnes Lee, Speaker of the Assembly’s Office
Archie, Assembly Republican Fiscal Office
Shae, Assembly Member Flora (Assembly Health Committee)
Robert, Assembly Member Waldron (Assembly Health Committee)
Leigh, Assembly Member Mayes (Assembly Health Committee)
Taylor, Assembly Member Cunningham
Hana, Assembly Member Bigelow
Andrea, Assembly Member Budget
Judy, Assembly Member Wood (Assembly Health Committee)
Michelle, Assembly Member Caballero
Andrea, Assembly Member Aguilar-Curry (Assembly Health Committee)
Carlos and Diego, Assembly Member Levine
Marjorie, Senate President Pro Tem’s office
Joe Parra, Senate Republican Caucus
Jessica, Senator Leyva (Senate Health Committee)
Toby, Senator Monning (Senate Health Committee)
Jorge, Senator Mitchell (Senate Health Committee)
Fernando, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson
Scott, Senate Budget Committee
Colin, Senator Nielsen (Senate Health Committee)
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