Experts Say Health Care Companies Are Tantalizing Targets For Cyberattackers

A recent cyberattack against hospital chain MedStar was just the latest in a series of strikes against health care companies, which included another hospital in Los Angeles. Experts warn that because the information the organizations have is more valuable on the black market than even credit card numbers, and their security measures tend to lag behind other sectors, they are particularly vulnerable.

The Associated Press: Hospital Cyberattack Highlights Health Care Vulnerabilities
A cyberattack that paralyzed the hospital chain MedStar this week is serving as a fresh reminder of vulnerabilities that exist in systems that protect sensitive patient information. That attack came a month after a Los Angeles hospital paid hackers $17,000 to regain control of its computer system and more than a year after intruders broke into a database containing the records of nearly 80 million people maintained by the health insurer Anthem. (3/30)