Letter to California Congressional Delegation

Attached is a letter the DHLF sent on February 1 to the California Congressional Delegation outlining California’s district and municipal hospitals’ concerns with efforts in DC to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
On behalf of the patients served by these hospitals the top priority is protecting Medicaid expansion. California stands to lose an estimated $15 billion annually in federal funding for Medicaid expansion and insurance subsidies — more than any other state. Based on the expansion of the Medi‑Cal program, caseloads have increased from 7.9 million in 2012‑13 to a projected 14.3 million in 2017‑18.  California’s district/municipal hospitals are projected to lose approximately $400 million annually if the Medicaid expansion population is eliminated. Without coverage, the Medicaid expansion population will resort back to obtaining access to health care in emergency rooms where care is more expensive or they will forego care, especially preventative services.  Elimination of Medicaid expansion will increase demands for uncompensated care and reduce revenues, which ultimately will impact access to care for any person trying to obtain access to health care at that facility.   Today, these individuals are receiving the appropriate healthcare services at the right time and in the right setting.  Revoking coverage will negatively impact many Californians’ health status.