Mission & Vision Statement

The District Hospital Leadership Forum (DHLF) represents district hospitals throughout California. DHLF originated from the efforts of a number of public District hospital Executive teams in an effort to address financial issues of importance related to public District hospitals. DHLF strives to promote concepts and analyze options that support public District hospital interests, while providing expert leadership and advocacy in California and federal political realms. The Forum’s specific mission is to improve District hospital access to public funding opportunities in both the short term and in the long term.

As the DHLF has undertaken these endeavors, the relationship and coordination with the Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD), the other associations representing district hospitals, is being maintained. ACHD through a resolution approved by its Board of Directors agreed to support the efforts of the DHLF and “…recognizes the Forum as the sole voice for public District hospitals in all finance and reimbursement issues.” The DHLF has accepted that responsibility.

In concrete terms, during the past year the District Hospital Leadership Forum has been actively pursuing District hospital interests in areas such as:

  • Section 1115 waiver—inclusion for all public hospitals
  • California hospital fee program
  • Fee-for-service intergovernmental transfers
  • Managed care intergovernmental transfers
  • Medi-Cal fee-for-service reimbursement as it relates to system changes relative to District hospitals.

The Forum’s five-year objectives range from improved reimbursement under the current Section 1115 waiver to specific inclusion in the next federal waiver that begins in 2015. The goals are to ensure that the State of California recognizes that the District hospitals play a vital role in California’s health care delivery system and also need to be a key participant as federal health care reform is implemented in this State. The Forum’s Strategic Plan focuses on the approach, both from program development to educating legislative representatives and regulators, and to negotiating with the other hospital stakeholders.